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VR Austin is a community of VR developers and enthusiasts in the central Texas area. Our quarterly networking events encourage the growth of ideas for developers and enthusiasts alike.

We talk, play, and share VR.

Whether you’re an aspiring VR developer, enthusiast, artist, programmer, designer, musician, filmmaker, dancer, architect, or all/none of the above— you can help contribute to the future of virtual reality with our community!

Code of Conduct

VR Austin is committed to maintaining a safe, diverse, and inclusive space for all VR enthusiasts! Everyone is welcome regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexuality, or preferred HMD taste, and we protect our community members. Review our community guidelines here and continue to live by these words!

When’s the Next Event?

VR AUSTIN is back for a special Valentine’s Day “I LOVE VR” Event with NO COVER on February 11th, from 7-10PM! Come mingle with devs and game lovers and play new games and preview experiences before the madness that is SXSW.

Full list of Demos coming soon!

Why Austin?

The city is an exciting place! The world-class tech, gaming, art, and film scenes make Austin the best place to be for VR/AR development. With over 2,000 members and around 300 attendees per meet up event, our community is growing daily!

There are lots of great groups and gatherings in Austin, and we endeavor to list them all on our Community Calendar!

If you’re in the Austin area, reach out, and stop by to say hello!

A VR Jam?

That’s right! In addition to our regular quarterly meetups, we run a once-a-year VR jam that gathers VR developers from all over the world to spend a weekend crafting — after all, building, collaborating, and experimenting are our bread and butter! It’s our biggest, most ambitious event of the year! More about the VR jam here!


VR Austin is currently co-organized by following members of the Austin VR development community:

Ali Griggs – Owlchemy Labs
Audrey Halm – Farbridge
Autumn Taylor – Owlchemy Labs
Fox Buchele – Fox Box Collective
JJ Castillo – Viewer Ready
Melissa Swanepoel – Farbridge
Michael Daubert – Phaser Lock Interactive
MJ Johns – UT School of Design and Creative Technologies
Patrick Curry – FarBridge


Organizer Alumni

As VR Austin continues to be run by a crew of dedicated volunteers, here are those who have moved onto new ventures:

Alex Schwartz – VR Austin Founder / Alum
Cy Wise – VR Austin Organizer Alum
Robert Brackenridge – VR Austin Founder / Alum

Local VR Community

There are tons of devs doing incredible VR work in the central Texas area — here are some of them!

How Do I Get Involved?

We welcome folks at all levels, from curious developers thinking of entering the VR space, to seasoned VR developers. Hobbyist or professional, this is the place for you!

If you’re interested and want to learn more, check out the links below, or send us a friendly message at!

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Attend our next event!

Visit our page to see when/where!


Electronic mail us through the intertubes:

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